About Hosted IP-PBX

Why ORENcloud?

Portray that you are a BIG company with ORENcloud hosted telephony system, with no CAPEX investment and get all the features and functions instantly. It is flexible for your changeable needs and is also scalable in case of growth.


What is hosted IP-PBX?

Let me explain.

ORENcloud hosted IP-PBX, also often referred to as Virtual, Cloud based or Software as a Service (SaaS) is a next generation business telephony service that offers you enterprise level telephony features and functionalities with no CAPEX / investment to you. You do not need to purchase any IP-PBX equipment; we have done that for you and we rent these out to you on a monthly basis with affordable rates. Thus there is no need to worry about maintenance and support. Since ORENcloud is hosted you are free to connect any end-device e.g. IP-Phone, from wherever as long as it’s connected to the Internet. This can be from your office, various offices or even from your employees’ homes or any combination of such. All calls among them are free of charge (FOC) and all calls made from them to external, be it national, mobile or international, enjoy very attractive rates. It is subscription based with no contract obligations – if you don’t like it you’re free to go.


We offer the following great packages

  • A local telephone number (Pilot number)
  • IVR ((Interactive Voice Response)
  • Time Condition
  • Follow-me
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Music on Hold
  • An IP-Phone (*1) all the way during the service period
  • Ring-group
  • Follow-me
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • 3 Way conference
  • An IP Phone (*1) all the way during the services period
  • A local telephone number (Pilot number)
  • Access to the FAX portal which is a Web based portal in where you;-
  • View your incoming faxes
  • Send Faxes
  • View/Search Archived Faxes
  • MyFax also has a notification service meaning when a new fax arrives, besides storing the fax in your inbox, it will also send out a notification to your email with the arrived fax attached in either PDF or TIFF

(*1) A deposit required.

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What features and functions will you enjoy?

As we proclaim, you will enjoy enterprise features at the top level, such as-

IVR, the well known "Welcome to ABC.COM, press 1 for Sales; 2 for ..."
Time Conditions: for example, during business hours (as defined by you) the call goes to your IVR and after office hours it will go to your voicemail or forwarded to your hand-phone
Ring-groups: for example, you want all or a selection of your phones to ring when a call comes in
Follow-me: for example, when nobody picks up the call it’s forwarded to your hand-phone or other destination, or even back to the IVR
Music on Hold: whenever the caller is put on-hold, they will hear music.

Above are just the features for when a call comes in. On the end-device / phone level, you have options such as;-

Ring-Group: Include the end-device in one or more ring-groups
Follow-me: On each end-device you can set individual follow-me. Hence your follow-me is to your hand-phone or more hand-phone numbers, if you have more than 1, and your colleague’s end-device will have his hand-phone or other number. On top of that a follow-me number can be any number, hand-phone,landline or even international or any combination of such.
Voicemail: If you are not available (even after your callers try to call your follow-me numbers and you are not able to pick up) the caller can leave a voicemail
Voicemail to email: once you get a voicemail we will mail it to your email address so you can listen to it whenever you want.
  3 Way Conference: You have the option to invite a 3rd person to the call. For example your customer claimed that your sales person had promised something. You can call your sales person–even on his mobile- and invite him to the call thus enabling the three of you to settle the matter quickly.

All these are the great features you will get and for those with more needs we even have additional services such as:

Skype and Google Mapping
Call Center features with Inbound, Outbound and Blended Agents.



Additional telephone number (DID)

We offer the option to rent additional DIDs.

For example, you want to assign a DID that will ring your support ring-group directly. You can provide this number to your VIP customers while the other customers will be given the pilot number and go through IVR. Alternatively, you can have your own number to be contacted on.



With MyCallCentre we provide the option to operate any size call centre i.e. from 1 to many agents all with full-blown enterprise call centre features. These include real-time dashboard, Reporting per agent, queue, calls (answered, abandoned, etc.), able to Spy (listen to ongoing call), Whispering (Talk to agent to coach while customer doesn’t hear you) and more. All these are available for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Centre environments.

For more in-depth information please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORENcloud?

ORENcloud is a hosted office telephony system that enables you to enjoy enterprise grade telephony features and functions with no CAPEX investment. It is instant, flexible for your changeable needs and scalable in case of growth.

What are the benefits of using ORENcloud?

  • No (hardware) investment i.e CAPEX
  • No "on premises" equipment eliminating space, power, temperature control, etc as well as maintenance cost
  • Competitive call charges to all destinations be it local, mobile, national as well as international.
  • No contract duration and you can terminate anytime you want.
  • All Enterprise features are ready for your usage and when new relevant features become available, they will be added for your usage.
  • Scalable made simple – if your company grows, you can add and vice versa
  • Employees can work from anywhere
  • Let your phone system follow you wherever you are – in the office, at home or even when traveling around.

What do I need to make ORENcloud work?

All you need is a broadband Internet connection. We will send the fully configured phones to you, and you just have to unpack and connect the device to your router and you are ready to go.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Currently this is not possible. Malaysia does not support phone number portability. The only solution is to forward all calls from your old phone number to the new ORENcloud number.

I'm interested how do I sign up?

Use the simple sign-up form which can be downloaded from our website or call us at 03 8689 2888 for a personal consultation or to set up an appointment.

Can I use PC-based soft phones or my mobile phone with ORENcloud?

Yes, we support all standard soft phones and smart phones. There are many apps available that are compatible with ORENcloud.

We can also help to recommend on which softphone or smart phone app to use.

I have existing VoIP Phones can I use them with ORENcloud?

Yes, you can re-use all your existing IP-Phones with ORENcloud. Our support team will gladly check the phone and configure them for you free of charge.

What about faxes, how can I receive them?

Faxes are sent, received and managed through ORENcloud Fax Portal. Received faxes can also be sent as email attachments to you. If you have an existing fax device that you would like to connect, we can assist you to connect it with a small ATA (analog telephone adaptor) device to ORENcloud.

What happens if my broadband stops working? Can I still receive calls?

If your broadband stops working or if there is a power outage without sufficient battery backup available, your IP phone will not function. However you will still receive all your calls as ORENcloud has the ability to detect if your phones are offline and if so, the system will forward all calls to a single or even a group of mobile phones. So no matter what happens, your clients can always reach you.

I have multiple offices how can ORENcloud help me?

All interoffice calls between ORENcloud users are free of charge. You can transfer your incoming calls from your main office to any location. Your receptionist can see if a person is engaged or free and can then transfer the call.

This allows you to reduce cost as you only have a central –hosted- telephony solution for all your offices. It is flexible and ready to grow with your business.

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