ORENcloud Secure, Private and Ad Blocking DNS

About ORENcloud DNS

A free, privacy-oriented DNS that blocks tracking, ads and phishing. Protecting Malaysians by Malaysians.

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ORENcloud DNS is a privacy-first policy DNS server which is blazing fast. It becomes even better as it blocks most common ad servers or DNS names associated to ad services. We maintain a list from a well-known source on github and it's mainly from a serviceĀ  maintained by https://oisd.nl

We use Cloudflare's DNS and our own direct root replica (using unbound DNS). The good thing about it is that your queries are hidden behind our IP. It is not visible to the upstream so everything is totally private for you.

We use a reliable list from many credible sources. If you wish to whitelist a domain, please write to us [email protected]

We use 4 lists for Ads and malware:

  1. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
  2. https://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/justdomainsEnabledDisabled
  3. https://blocklistproject.github.io/Lists/malware.txtEnabledDisabled
  4. https://blocklistproject.github.io/Lists/ads.txtEnabledDisabled
  5. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jdlingyu/ad-wars/master/hostsEnabledDisabled

We use this for pornography on top of the above:

  1. https://blocklistproject.github.io/Lists/porn.txt

Currently all our servers are located in Singapore in a private datacenter maintained by our partners there.

We are. Our engineers are doing this during their free time totally for Malaysians but of course, anyone could use it.

We don't. Honestly. But we have 2 servers to ensure continuous service availability. Our servers are also monitored 24x7 by our monitoring server NagiosXI.

Yes. But as again, we do not guarantee SLA šŸ˜€

Yes, if you use porn blocking DNS. Most of the time we will invoke safesearch, this also includes Youtube and other popular video sites.

Our entire system logging is disabled by default and this has been audited by independent security professionals.

  • OS - Debian 10
  • DNS forwarder - pi-hole
  • DNS upstream - Unbound DNS
  • Upstream - CloudFlare DNS -
  • Firewall - UFW+Iptables

Absolutely. Give it a try.

Here are some test results.

Nope. We built this to give back to our Malaysian netizens because you deserve it. Take the internet back.